On 27 November 2022, the pottery studio on the 4th floor of Waterloo Centre, pulled it’s shutters down in preparation for a major facelift. After the Christmas and New Year festivities, a new facade will be unveiled with TheraClay Studio, sharing the premises with The Holding Space.

Going down memory lane, it was in 2020, on Feb 2 that a pottery studio officially opened at 261 Waterloo Street, #04-09 Waterloo Centre. Kelson Ang and Lynette Yeo partnered to set up a pottery studio with a commitment to work together for 2 years. The aim was to work towards dreams of preparing for the journey of becoming a full time artist for one, and learning the ropes of running a pottery studio for outreach for the other.

Covid struck shortly after the studio opened and there was a real concern that this new business venture will not survive! Thankfully, with the help of government funding and restricted global travels, the small studio managed to remain sustainable!

Two years on, the original commitment was reviewed and plans were put in place for the management transition.  By end of July 2022,  KLay Studio as a partnership was dissolved and K and L of KLay Studio parted ways. In it’s place TheraClay Studio, was set up.

TheraClay Studio is now run by Lynette Yeo Balota who also manages The Holding Space, a counseling office with 4 other therapists.  This counseling office, on the same floor and and only a stone’s throw away, was the safe space for counseling clients.

As we enter into 2023, the two shall become one when we move the counseling offices over,  reducing overheads and integrating the two functions of providing professional therapy and pottery under 1 roof at #04-09.

February marks the 3rd anniversary of the presence of a pottery studio at Waterloo. Can’t find a more fitting time to have a celebratory Opening for the relocated The Holding Space, now side by side with TheraClay Studio with an Open House and Sale.

Keep February 3 to Feb 5, 2023 free to visit us.

February 3, 2023. 7pm

The celebration begins with evening dedication service to officially declare the opening and integration of TheraClay Studio under the umbrella of The Holding Space.

This will be followed by 2 days of Open House & Sale on Saturday and Sunday.  Come and pick up an item to enjoy and to encourage and support our members.  You can also have opportunity to get your hands on the clay and maybe even attempt to throw on the wheel!

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