Our Beliefs & Vision

Our Mission

We care, hence we do the work we do.
We work because it is fulfilling.
We have families, dreams and stories of our own.

Our Expertise

Our areas of Training include

Our Team

Lynette Yeo Balota

Geraldine Szeto

Leong Yiat Teng

Joyce Tan Swee Yee

Eng Peng Peng

Quick Questions

The therapist will try to understand your counseling goals and discuss the appropriate therapeutic intervention to be taken.

Write in to us or WhatsApp for an appointment (click here for the contact details).

Duration of each session is normally 1 hour. Frequency depends on the purpose of counseling.

Counseling fees range from $120 – $180 per hour.

Are you a Social Service practitioner?

Don’t suffer from burn out while caring for others.  We can “hold” you while you sort things out. We’ve been there. 

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