Our stories in pictures
What's in your wishing well?

We may be the new ‘kid’ on the block. But we have been supporting a small group of potters. These photos tell some of their stories..

Our longest and most skilled member. She spent her sabbatical intensively learning under the young "sifu".

Weekends are spent de-stressing, and trying to master the clay. This loving couple support each other, but she's admittedly competitive.
She spent a short but intensive time at the studio with me. It was a comfort for her as she was alone most of the time and unable to work. It was a feather in my cap to be able to show her how to build a teapot!
Our counsellors trying their hands at sculpting to create their own symbols and figurines.
"Thank you for introducing me to clay, I slept like a log after my session."

Potter's Pot Luck session at TheraClay!

A mix of Boomers, Milliennials and GenZ!  All we need now are some Pioneers and maybe, just maybe some Gen Alphas? 

She told me her security guards caused her to be late today. They were quizzing her "where are you going? What are you doing? What time will you be home?" I wondered what facility or work place she came from! Ah... her 2 security guards are under 12 years old!!!
"Playing with clay got me in touch with my past self. I realised I am good with sculpture related stuff", said an artist who works with oil and acrylic.

Our Therapy "tools"

Produced by client during a Thera-Clay Session

* No instructions
* No explanations
* No interpretations
* Limited dialogue
* The fingers will take the lead and the internal self will make sense of the process.

A therapist asked her social worker friend to make this for her client. It is such an amazing tool and has deep impact. All I can say is: “it is somatic work”.

Bring your family to work day!

Grandpa came with the kids to try their hand at sculpting. Helpers from both households made cups for themselves.

Every pot has a tale.. add your pot here.