TheraClay FAQ

What can I make?

You can make both functional and decorative wares. These include vases, planters, cups, bowls, and plates. Once you become familiar with the clay and understand fundamental techniques, the possibilities will grow.

How long does it take?

Making an item can take 1 to 3 hours or even more, depending on the complexity of the form and your skills.
Each item will need time to dry completely (bone dry) before being fired in the kiln (bisque). It can then be glazed (color added) before a second firing (gloss). The 2 firings take between 3-5 weeks after completion of construction. 

What lessons do you offer?

Beginners will start with Handbuilding. The 6 sessions will include wedging, construction using pinching, coiling, slab work, carving, joining, and glazing. Wheel throwing will follow when you have gained familiarity with the materials and tools. In wheel throwing, you will learn centering, coning, and pulling and move on to shaping your vessels. You will initially learn how to create cylinders and bowls. 

I am not a novice and I have learnt how to throw at the wheel. What can I sign up for?

If you are an experienced potter (minimally, you need to know how to wedge and have some handbuilding skills). We welcome potters who can work independently, to join our Regular’s Package. 

How do I sign up?

Click on this link to register