Finding the time to do something fun for ourselves is often a challenge as there is often something more useful, important and “legitimate” to do.

When I finally succumbed to Lynette’s gentle nudging to give in to my own yearning to touch clay, I found myself delightfully pleased to be able to build a figurine from just a lump of clay.  My earlier worries about not being creative or skillful seemed futile.

A few more sessions, and I feel that through the pressing and nudging of a ball of clay, I have found an avenue to explore my inner self. I am surprised by the results. The process of handling clay is so grounding, I am often lost in my own world as I pinch, squash, flatten, poke, twist, roll, bend and shape the clay into form.

Clay work provides me with so much relaxation that it saves me a visit to my physiotherapists! Clay work gives me space for my inner self to express its creative side.  It feels like a balm. I find that the ragged edges and patch the scratched surfaces of my emotion gets smoothed after each session and I sleep so much better.

Time at TheraClay Studio offers me and anyone who comes, a space to escape and who knows, you might chance to get to know yourself better!

Peggy Zee
26 January 2023

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