Sandplay Therapy, as a psychotherapeutic tool, has its roots in the work of Margaret Lowenfeld and Jungian therapist Dora Kalff. The theoretical foundation of sandplay therapy is based on the Jungian concepts. The use of a sandbox, a wide range of figures with various potential symbolic representations, and the engagement of a tra
ined therapist in the session. The therapist plays an important role of witnessing and holding the client in the process.

In the introduction of her book “The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy” Barbara Turner wrote this:

“I hope that you will enjoy what lies ahead and that this material will challenge your body, mind and spirit…. Sandplay has the capacity to touch the deepest layer of the psyche and can evoke very strong emotions. Should you feel greatly inspired by what you read, please use this to move deeper within your Self, personally and professionally. And should you find that you strongly resist or clash against something you come across, be assured that something deep within you has also been touched. Sandplay can engage us at such fundamental levels as to make us feel that our very existence is threatened. When this occurs, we can be certain that we have definitely entered into the process of sandplay. … it is my hope that whatever places are tapped within ourselves, we welcome them as evidence that we are deeply involved in the sandplay process. . It is my deepest hope that we will be able to hold them and allow them to transform us, to carry us beyond the limits of our known selves, to realise the possibilities innate in each of us and to become more of the who we have the potential to be..” Turner, 2005

Come and meet Dr Barbara Turner at the Sandplay Symposium Singapore 2019. This is an event not to be missed. There is no pressure to consider taking further training.. only a few will find it meaningful to specialise in this. But you will leave better informed and will be in a position to help refer clients and explain why you think this would help them. If you are a social service practitioner, you will perhaps find that you will need this process for yourself, to find greater congruence and to become more confidence of yourself.

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