“Singapore was on my bucket list of destinations to visit, and I had the wonderful opportunity of going in November 2018. I went again in Feb 2019 and guess what!! I will be going one more time in October this year! I feel like a little girl who received the crown after she first got the fairy dress.

Singaporeans worked me hard! I went as the Personal Therapist and Group Consultant for 2 cohorts of Sandplay therapy trainees. They were taught by my dear AST colleague Eunice Stagg.

Working with the students in Singapore added so much in richness to my own personal growth. I learned from each and every student. Their warmth, compassion and love touched my heart and their depth of personal work in the sand was such an honour to witness. In the group consultation sessions, I was struck by the natural flow of their work with their Sandplay clients, and realised that although they were still in training, they showed strong ability to “hold” and honour their client’s deep psychic work in the sand.

My lovely friend, colleague and organiser, Lynette Balota made sure my trip was not all work. She helped me take in the sights of Singapore. It was magical. In February when I returned, I had a special treat! I was able to spend time exploring this beautiful city with my precious friend and colleague, Eunice Stagg.

I can’t believe it! But my 3rd visit to Singapore will happen in October 2019. This time I will be on this island with my beautiful colleagues Barbara Turner and Rose Harriet too!  I feel honoured and humbled to be part of the Sandplay community in Singapore, but also throughout the world. Sandplay brings like-minded souls together. Sandplay connects on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Sandplay heals.

I’m so excited as I look forward to seeing all my friends in Singapore very soon!”

Celia Van Wyk Sandplay Practitioner Teacher-Consultant (STR-CT)

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